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The World Book Day

World Book Day is recognised by over 100 countries around the world. It will be celebrated on 6th March 2014 and its purpose is to encourage reading and a love of books in children.

Encouraging your child to read a wide variety of books is probably the best education you can give them - but sometimes it seems an uphill struggle! Here are some ways you can encourage them:

Library day

If you live near to a good library, you could designate one day of the week "Library Day". Getting your kids their own library cards can be a huge incentive.

Read with your child

Younger children like nothing better than to snuggle up with their parents to share reading time. You can also practice putting lots of expression into your reading: if your child learns to do this too, it will help their understanding (and of course prove useful when reading out loud at school!).

Read to your child

Even adults like to be read to sometimes - so try not to grow out of the habit of reading to your kids!

Keep a record

Sometimes keeping a record can make reading more fun - for all ages. One Idea is to create a "caterpillar" by cutting out colourful circles of paper. Decorate one to look like a cheerful caterpillar's face and then add circles for his body, one by one, each time your child finishes a book, writing the name of the book on the circle if you wish.