Angleške zgodbice

Story of the Month - April

What a lovely story I came across during the month of Apri;, Elmer the Elephant by D. Mckee. It was an easy conversation starter about differences and similarities. The first thing we talked about was our differences and if we are happy that we are different from each other. We also talked about how I am different from everyone else in the classroom and why. The kids learnt that being themselves was very important. Here is a reading of "Elmer" in English from youtube.


Story of the Month- Me, Penguin and My Mom

Hello Everyone!,

This is the story we have been reading in our Travellers Class in the afternoon to investigate other places in the world. I Know the story is in Slovene but I read it in English and then for the little ones again in Slovene so that they will get a grasp on what the story is about. The kids love Penguins and they were all ears during story time. Here is a link (Please forgive any translations errors=):