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New! English Program at Dobra Teta

We are creating a bilingual environment for your kids.


It is well known that the best way to learn a new language is to do it in a natural way. It is for this reason that we are now offering a full immersion program that will allow your child to absorb English as a second language.


The English class is designed to instruct children while having fun and engaging their minds. They will soon discover that learning English can be fun and easy. Our Native English Speaker uses exciting teaching tools such as songs, rhymes, games, arts and crafts, fairy tales and other activities to promote learning in a fun environment.

Our Native English Speaker communicates only in English and talks constantly accompanying action with language. This helps your child to receive manifold opportunities to combine the meaning of the new language with the actions they observe.


The English class is held once per week at each unit and in each group, it is structured to encourage children to play games and sing familiar songs, facilitating the learning process.

Some benefits of the program

Robert M. Kurtz, CCC-SLP states on his web page (Sep. 9/09 – the following:

"Growing up bilingual can be a tremendous blessing. In addition to the obvious benefit (i.e., the ability to speak and understand more than one language), recent research has revealed a number of cognitive advantages to bilingualism. Bilingual children have been shown to have:

  1. Better metalinguistic awareness (ability to identify and describe characteristics and features of language);
  2. Better classification skills;
  3. Better concept formation;
  4. Better analogical reasoning;
  5. Better visual-spatial skills;
  6. Better storytelling skills;
  7. Better semantic development."

New! After school program in English

Our after school English Program Mali Popotnik is not just another English class for kids. This program was developed to help kids understand the world that they live in and expose them to:

  • Learning about other countries
  • Culture and traditions of other parts of the world
  • Holidays and Festivals celebrated elsewhere
  • English Language as a second language
  • Arts and crafts related to holidays and tradition

The program was developed and will be run by Nadira Karim , which will be ongoing every term. The after school program is open to all children in the Kranj region.

About Nadira

Nadira Karim Nadira Deanne Karim is a Native English Speaker from the English speaking country of Trinidad (and Tobago), West Indies. She moved to Slovenia in 2010. Though educated and experienced in Business Management and Paralegal studies, Nadira found her true calling and passion to be working with children. She has earned a short Diploma in Children´s Studies, is TEFL Certified and will continue her studies in Children Education. She has experience teaching kids at the preschool level has taught English to young adults and given private Business English and Conversational English classes online.