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B is for Butterfly

This week we will make our version of this Butterfly window treatment!

You can try this at home as well and its appropriate for kids 1 to 5 years old.

Don't forget to say BBBBBBB During the exercise.

B is for Butterfly

Your kids can create a beautiful butterfly window treatment to brighten up their room!

You will need

  • two pieces of clear contact paper (about 9×12 inches each)
  • colored tissue paper cut into small (about 1-inch) squares
  • butterfly pattern
  • adult scissors
  • masking tape

step1 1. Peel off the backing of one piece of contact paper. Secure it to the table with masking tape, sticky side up.
step2 2. Lay your butterfly onto the sticky contact paper. Make sure its head is facing to the right. This is so that when you display the butterfly, the "B" will not be backward.
step3 3. Now your child can apply the colored tissue paper squares however he wants.
step4 4. Cover the finished butterfly with the other piece of clear contact paper.

Enjoy your lovely window treatment courtesy of the letter B and of course your little one!



Here is the beehive. (show your closed fist)

But where are the bees?

Hiding inside, where no one can see.

Here they come, out of the hive.

One, two, three, four five... (lift each finger as you say the numbers)

They're alive!

BZZZZZ! (Tickle your child.)